Friday, 21 June 2013

Welcome to my blog!


Over the past few months, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my nail art with everyone on the Instagram community. I am thrilled with the response that I have received so far and I have all of my followers and friends to thank for that.

I am currently on my university break so I thought I would try starting up a blog to help those who would love to be more involved with nail art by posting my own tutorials, techniques and suggestions. I certainly do not claim to be a professional, nor do I take credit for starting these nail art trends. 

The name ‘The Nail Art Trend’ hopefully reflects the nature of what I would like my blog to be about.  I aim to document my own nail art experience while creating a database of the nail art trends that are circulating today. My tutorial posts will be relevant to a certain ‘nail art trend’ and each tutorial will consist of step by step procedures, a few handy hints and also features of other people’s nail art. I may also post about hauls, swatches or simply my nail art without tutorials.

Follow me on Instagram (@nailsbynikkih) if you would like to keep updated on my work.

I hope you enjoy my posts!

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