Friday, 21 June 2013

[Tutorial] The Trend: Floral Nail Art

The Trend

Floral nails have become an extremely popular trend over the past few years. Most people associate this particular design with the ‘vintage’ look and it is a very versatile technique. Floral is suitable year round and is an extremely popular look for Spring. 

The Look

This is the design that can be achieved with the techniques in the tutorial below. These are simple looking flowers that are created by painting C's. There are many tutorials out there but I would like to share the way that I achieve the look. 

The Technique

The items I have used are Sinful Colors ‘Snow Me White,' OPI ‘Pink Friday,' Sally Hansen ‘Mint Sorbet’ and Seche Vite top coat. You will also need a fine nail art brush. The brush I use is in the size 20/0 and can be purchased at your local craft store. 

There are 5 steps involved in the process.
1)      Paint a coat or two of white until it is opaque.
2)      With the nail art brush, paint two C shapes which almost fit into each other. Do this as many times as you would like, according to the number of flowers you would like.
3)      Paint three C shapes around the previous arrangement.
4)      Paint five C shapes around the previous arrangement.
5)      Paint leaves. These should be spread around the nail and mostly grouped in 2x2 for each flower.

For convenience and a clearer explanation, this is a pen and paper tutorial for the flowers. A lot of the time, people tell you to simply draw C’s until it looks like a flower. Initially when I started, my compilation of C’s looked nothing like flowers until I decided to devise a certain method to always follow.  This is my own 2-3-5 C formation.

I hope that with the steps above you are able to achieve the look. On my ring finger I have done an accent nail with a pink base, white flowers and mint green leaves. 

If I have inspired you to do a nail art design, I would love to see them in the comments below or tag #nailsbynikkih on Instagram.


Features and Suggestions

Suggestion #1: For a more complex and vintage look, pair the flowers with stripes and spots.

These nails are by @followthatway on Instagram. You can find her on or

Suggestion #2: Pair the flowers with bright colours for a fun, summer look.

These nails are by @modnails on Instagram. You can find her on or


I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. What a brilliant tutorial :) I am definitely going to try this. I hope you keep blogging regularly because you've got some lovely designs and you write beautifully! x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope the design works out for you!

      And yay for being my first follower hahaha :)

  2. These are the best roses I've seen and they absolutely look do-able! Thanks!